Your Partner to a Better Destination

Your Partner to a Better Destination

Your Partner to a Better DestinationYour Partner to a Better DestinationYour Partner to a Better Destination

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>> A Way Forward

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Did you ever get lost on a journey and find that losing your way was the best thing that happened?  Learning from our experiences, growing from them, and finding a better way forward is at the core of WFE "DNA".  After sweeping changes in national and international regulation of waste in global markets, many stakeholders of the Circular Economy may find themselves lost or stuck on the road, perhaps worse.  They may also be going the other way thinking "hey, I see no problem here - I'm moving along just fine", but are you sure?  

>>WFE is here to help you move in the right direction, not just any way - we want to help you find a path to a better destination!


Backed by solid industry experience, talented WFE Professionals and leading international partner companies collaborate to maximize value and efficiency of key stakeholder roles in the Circular Economy.  For its part, WFE provides services in:

  • Materials Management: engineering transparent, secure and sustainable transactions for primary and secondary raw materials such as pulp and paper or plastic in Europe and North America

  • Personal and Professional Consulting:  working with individuals and companies who match our culture values and need help on their journey towards a more sustainable and rewarding livelihood

  • Project Development and Delivery:  identifying and championing innovation in technology and processes that energize and improve processing efficiency

We engineer the Circular Economy with those who share our passion for quality of people, process and product - be they designers, producers, distributors, logisticians, consumers, retailers, brand owners, collectors, or recyclers.  We all have a role to play in making our global economy more circular and sustainable for all stakeholders.  At the end of the day, we are all human and have a vital stake in creating the world in which we want to live and thrive for generations to come.

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